Fairy Friends

Little Bess, a mushroom fairy, is hanging out with her friend, Flopsy. The two are on their way to tea with Rosetta and Fawn. It is almost spring, which means that the garden talent and animal fairies are soon to be very busy. On their way to tea, they stop to pick some strawberries. They are hoping they go well with the tea and crumpets.

Bess stands about 18 inches tall and her pattern comes from Unicorns, Dragons, and More Fantasy Amigurumi by Sedef Bay. Yarn supplies: Red-Yarn Bee, White- DMC embroidery thread, tan and pink from the stash. The embroidery hook sizes were a #2.2mm for the white and a #4.2mm for all other colors. This adorable doll was created by Eden as a design team member for the Colorful Options’ February Challenge. Don’t forget, Colorful Options welcomes ALL crafts. Stop by and check out the other team members’ inspirations.

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