Going Purple June 2022

Hello Friends! Are you doing any traveling or making this June? I’m working on “collections” myself to help stave off the heat down south. My first collection is A Herd of Unicorns. This was inspired by the June 2022 Colorful Options Challenge, purple. You can join in over on the Colorful Options blog.

What little girl wouldn’t love this assortment of unicorn friends greeting them on their special birthday? Honestly, I’m not so little anymore, but I’d fall over sideways if someone thought this much of me to use this collection! This herd consists of two gift bags, a card with a matching envelope, and a tag to place on a purple wrapped gift.

This is truly a combination of Stamping Bella meets Tim Holtz, with a sprinkle of Craft with Sarah and Cricut for fun! The primary source of purple is Villainous Potion by Tim Holtz.

I LOVE all the techniques that Tim Holtz has shared over the past year! One of my favorites is the use of embossing glaze on silver metal. I used Villaious Potion on this silver unicorn charm. Isn’t it charming? 😊 To watch the how-to, click on Tim Holtz and go to 42:22 for this technique.

Rosie and Bernie from Stamping Bella always bring a smile to my face. Their background is a fusion of colors and stamps.

I think envelope art is special! It brings a smile to all those who come in contact with your work. Some of the masters of envelope art include K Werner, Juicy Christian and Jillian Kaye. Even if you can’t create like the masters, you can still spread a smile to all those who see and receive your envelope. Honestly, my postal workers smile and wave me over to see what I’m sending. Can’t have too much happy!!

Don’t forget to join in the fun this month at the Colorful Options Challenge! I look forward to seeing the makes and projects everyone has worked on!

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