I love following artists on youTube! They are so creative and generous with their skills!! One of my favorites is Antonia Florence and Taffelberry Lane. Her ability inspired this card. Antonia will stamp a few images and then use Copic markers to create the remainder of the scene. Many of her cards are a single stamped image. She is extremely creative and imaginative. So, when I saw this stamp of Rosie and Bernie at the beach, I knew exactly how I wanted to use it. THANK YOU ANTONIA! If you are unfamiliar with Rosie and Bernie, they are a stamp series by Stamping Bella. My Rosie is usually colored with bond hair as a nod to one of my daughters who loves unicorns. 😊 The materials used were a the single stamp I’ve already linked, Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils. Honestly, the best tutorial for this card is to go watch Antonia work. Most of the coloring is with Copic markers; however, for some of the smaller items, I used some Prismacolor pencils. The pencils were used for Rosie’s shoes, Bernie’s drink, the straws and the black on Rosie’s sun glasses. The white highlights were drawn with a white Uniball gel pen. Enjoy her channel! Cheers!

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