This is the Way

The nice people over at As You Like It Challenge’s topic is His or Her Birthday. Although, I make more cards for women, the challenge for men is fun in such a different way. This card (although going to a 15yo girl) is definitely a more male themed card. The recipient plays VR games and is an Arc Trooper (think Star Wars, Clone Wars). This card is made exclusively using the Cricut machine. I used the Foil Quill for the sentiment. The foiling looks fabulous. However, it is tough for me to get a great photo as the silver foil lines are quite thin (It says, “Eat cake, you will. This is the way.”). The arc trooper was a digital download that I altered using paint 3D trying to get it as close to her armor as possible. 🤞 The rest is simple Cricut use. The color scheme for this was inspired by the Less is More Challenge.

Craft you will. This is the way, y’all!

9 thoughts on “This is the Way

  1. A great take on our blue and silver colour challenge at Less is More. You say simple Cricut use, but I suspect it still took oodles of time and effort to get it looking that good. Thanks for playing with us!

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  2. Wow, such a great, fun card. I love your sentiment and it sounds like this is a very special personalized card for a special young lady. Thanks so much for joining us at As You Like It Challenge!

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