Inspired by a sketch

AAA card challenge has inspired by a song as part of their challenge. The base of this card is truly inspired by my daughter and some art work she is working on. Then I knew the colors for my project. Kindred Stamps supplied Mary Poppins and the sentiment. The flowers in the background reminded me of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag from the original Disney 1960s movie. The coloring is no line coloring using ink and pencils. OMG, I made a card without any Copic markers. WOW! I think this is a first???? Have a great creative day!

3 thoughts on “Inspired by a sketch

    • The logo I use for the water stamp is just an italicized font that I took a snip of and then saved as a .jpg image. You can import a .jpg or .png image into photos3D on windows (it’s free) as a sticker. With the sticker button you can then change the opacity to the level you want. 🙂

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  1. Had me singing from the moment I spotted your card in the gallery! Super adorable and very whimsical card. Thanks for playing at AAA Cards, hope to see you join in with future challenges too.

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