Happy May, crafters, and makers! I have an exciting and different craft to share today. I made this rosette pin for DD16 to match an outfit she was sewing. It has a simple-clean appearance and is a fabulous accessory!


  • Ribbon: 1/2 inch pink satin ribbon, 1-inch white lace ribbon, 1/2 inch Fuschia ribbon.
  • Beads: 4mm white pearls
  • Thread: white sewing thread, white beading thread
  • 1.25 inch button
  • Cricut Air2
  • Paper: white copy paper
  • Charm: silver cat

Time to make – 2 hours


Upload the digital Marie image into Cricut. Place her in the middle of a 1.25 inch white circle and then attach and flatten. Print and cut your “Marie”-circle. Make a button using a button maker and remove the back pin if needed. With the 0.5inch pink satin ribbon, make a rosette. Glue your button to the middle of your rosette and glue a paper backing the back of the rosette. Cut and glue the tails from the lace and pink ribbon to the back. Add a second paper backing to the rosette. String the pearls as needed to create a circle around the button. Then glue your string pearls around the button. Create a small pink bow using pink ribbon scraps and add the cat charm to the bottom of the bow. Glue your bow to the bottom of the button. Add a pink to the back of your rosette. You now have a fabulous accessory!

Although this was not made for the intent of displaying a “pink” craft for this month’s Colorful Options Challenge, it certainly is a craft that screams pink.

Check out this month’s challenge for more DT inspiration!

Happy Crafting!

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